Puc Puggy's Travels through the South

Bartram’s travels took him from the wilderness of Florida to the mountains of North Carolina and the banks of the Mississippi. Along the way he took extensive notes of what he saw and the people he encountered, leaving us a remarkable time-capsule of our country’s early frontier. Travels through the South brings highlights of these travels to life; his adventures with a survey party in Georgia, his vivid descriptions of the new plants and animals he discovered, and his awe at finding an entire forest of massive trees.

"J.D. Sutton's portrayal of William Bartram is convincing, droll and poignant. He captures both the character and context of the gentle Philadelphia Quaker who braved the Southeastern wilderness to satisfy his own abundant curiosity and to document his discoveries for future generations. Sutton opens the book of the New World as though for the first time and conveys the wonder of its treasures."

∼ Professor of Art History, Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida

“This was a terrific program! Actor J.D. Sutton shared stories from the Travels, and then held an extensive Q&A following the event. If you get the chance to see this performance, don't miss the opportunity.”

∼ North Carolina Bartram Trail Society

“ ... an enthused audience was taken back in time and received a glimpse into Bartram’s exploits throughout the Southeast. Definitely a recommended program for those interested in botany and history.”

∼ Special Events Manager,
Great Smoky Mountains Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage